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Erica+Jeff || Saratoga National Golf Club Wedding Video || Saratoga Springs NY Wedding ||


It was fun to record Erica and Jeff on their wedding day as well as capture the unique elements they incorporated into it. For example, a live brass band played the Star Wars Throne Room tune (the one that played in the scene where Luke and Han (but not Chewie!) received their medals) as Jeff and his groomsman walked down the aisle. At the reception, the couple performed two songs; a duet of Mango Tree during their first dance, and Uptown Funk later in the evening with the wedding band, The Accents, where Jeff sang the lead and Erica played the trombone. Their dog, Blue, also joined in for the day, where he was an active member during the photo shoot and ceremony.

This was actually the second Correll wedding that I’ve filmed, where the first was Steve’s (Lauren+Steve) a couple years prior to Erica’s and Jeff’s wedding. Just like Steve, Jeff is a connoisseur of beer and has been known to brew his own batches. By the way, I should mention that Steve gave a humorous toast at the reception just like Jeff had done at his wedding two years prior (see the very end of the video for a small sample of it).

In addition to being a skilled trombone player, a cool and interesting fact I learned about Erica during our bridal meeting is that she’s an active volunteer for her local fire department. At that same bridal meeting I also recall the couple saying that they first met at a CVS that they both used to work at, and I definitely hope that their first encounter there happened just like Steve describes it where “Jeff was buying approximately 12 pounds of candy to smuggle into the movies in his cargo shorts”, because the image of that is totally hilarious!

I wish Erica and Jeff a wonderful life together, filled with many cold brewskis together when there isn’t a fire that needs to be put out!

Wedding Vendors
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Officiant:  Grant Stebbins (friend of B&G)
Venue:  Saratoga National
Catering:  Mazzone Hospitality
Cake:  Mazzone Hospitality
Band:  The Accents
Floral Design:  Native Farm Flowers
Makeup/Hair:  Make Me Fabulous 
Bride’s Gown:  Sottero & Midgely from Deanna’s Bridal Boutique
Attendants’ Gowns:  Kennedy Blue
Mens’ Attire:  Men’s Wearhouse
Rings:  Drue Sanders Custom Jewelry
Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography
Mens’ Hair/Beards: Dukes Barber Shop
Saratoga Springs, NY Wedding Video:  Sean Junda Wedding Films