Christine+ Chris || Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding || Highlight Video ||


This winter wedding took place at The Immaculate Conception in Glenville and the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia.

It’s always interesting to hear about the qualities that each newlywed saw in their partner that fostered their love. During Christine’s and Chris’s wedding ceremony, Father Jerry Gingras relayed the positive qualities each said about one another to the guests, and that moment felt like a perfect addition to the highlight video.

Seeing these two together, they just look like the perfect match and who knows; perhaps in 71 years they will be participating in the anniversary dance at one of their grandchilds wedding. That’s exactly what Chris’s grandparents Madeline and Peter did at this wedding and in my time as a wedding videographer, I can’t recall a couple that has participated in an anniversary dance that has had a marriage span that long. Way to go, and wow, 71 years! As if that wasn’t enough, Peter also gave a full rendition of an Italian song during the reception.

Quickly getting back to the Christine and Chris; it appears that their bond is so strong that they occasionally block everything else out and enter their own little world, as seen at the 3:27 mark in the video ;-).
Wedding Vendors
Location: Scotia, NY
Florist: David & Rudy
Hair &Makeup: A Pure Day Spa
Photographer: Imagine Photography & Design
Ceremony Location: Immaculate Conception of Glenville
Ceremony Officiant: Father Jerry Gingras
Reception Venue: Glen Sanders Mansion
Band: Grand Central Station
Scotia Wedding Video:  Sean Junda Wedding Films

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