Erin+Jay || Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding || Highlight Video ||

There were a variety of elements that made this a unique and fun wedding to film. For example, as a tribute, the groom, Jay, and his groomsman each wore a t-shirt representing a superhero underneath their suits (I was glad to see that Spiderman was represented). It was also nice to join Jeff, the photographer, and get some footage from the dock at the Glen Sanders Mansion of Jay and Erin with a full moon in the background. Of all of the unique aspects to this wedding though, the showcase of musical talents tops my list. Jay did a great job playing his acoustic guitar during the photo shoot, but that’s not the performance I’m thinking of. See, the bride, Erin, has a reputation for performing Rapper’s Delight on special occasions.

That in itself would have been a fun moment to film, but what made it even more special was that she had a partner to perform it with; Jay, who was making his rap debut. I’ve got to say, it was an honor to be chosen to record that moment on video. The crowd loved their performance, of course. Also, being his debut, I wouldn’t have figured that Jay would have as seasoned-sounding of a hip-hop voice as he did, but I think he definitely had a Beastie Boy type sound going for him. Now that I think of it, I may need to create a blog post just for their performance.

While on the topic of uniqueness, Erin’s and Jay’s relationship seems pretty special in itself. Leading up to their wedding day, they had already been a couple for 12 years, and I picked up a vibe that their relationship consists of both a deep love and deep friendship that happy couples who’ve been together for a long time always seem to have. Erin and Jay were a pleasure to be around for the day and it was fun to learn more about them by talking with them and also from the toasts (like how in addition to having a passion for comic books, Jay is also an avid Star Wars fan). To sum up, I wish this couple many more memorable rap performances and as Chris, the best man said, may the force be with them, always.

Wedding Vendors
Location: Scotia, NY
Florist: Ambiance Florals & Events
Hair/Makeup: Studio Lock’s
Photography: Jeff Foley Photography
DJ: Nick Papa Giorgio
Ceremony Venue: St. Madeline Sophie of Guilderland
Reception Venue: Glen Sanders Mansion
Scotia Wedding Video: Sean Junda Wedding Films

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